Awakening by Jylian Gustlin

Jylian Gustlin


  • A native Californian, Gustlin grew up in the world’s booming tech capital, the Bay Area. Using a variety of media and layers, she combines technology with tradition, blending art and science. Influenced by a love of local figurative artists, Gustlin’s vision focuses on characters emerging out of the painting.

    For the project "Art Living Between the Digital and Tactile Worlds," alta digitized three 24” x 36” hand-painted acrylic backgrounds and five figures. Differentiating from her traditional body of work, each figure is a free-form textile art piece. Combining the figures with backgrounds through digital collage created the first series of 5 unique works, each an edition of 25.

    • Certified Limited Edition of 25 Elegraph prints. 
    • Printed on aluminum panels using the highest quality archival inks
    • Elegraph print size: 36" x24"
      The artist's decision is to display the edition unframed. Each Elegraph print is mounted with a custom-designed secure hanging system to ensure prints are level and flush to the wall while adding strength and stability.

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A Stormy Sea was painted at Fécamp, an active fishing port with sights to see and noted cliffs, all of which Monet painted at various points. In this instance, he chose to focus solely on the sea and the sky. What caught his attention were the specifics of the conditions - a bright and breezy spring day, with scudding clouds and wind-whipped wave tops. Some areas of the sea are shadowed by clouds, while others are lit emerald by shifting sunlight, and the roiling waves tumble over each other onto the beach.

The varied and lively brushwork to capture all this is extremely rapid, and could have taken no more than 40 minutes to lay down. Monet’s usual practice was to work out-of-doors and to finish in the studio, but in this instance, it appears the entire painting was laid energetically in one fell swoop, a testament to Monet’s excitement in the face of bright, invigorating conditions.



There is perhaps no place where the worlds of nature and technology stand in starker relief to one another than the San Francisco Bay Area--and perhaps no artist better equipped to explore this uncomfortable dichotomy than Jylian Gustlin....

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