Elevating fine art printmaking

Staying true to the preciousness of a relationship between an artist and a print master, alta seeks not to change the printmaking world, but to explore and broaden the creative possibilities of printmaking.

Characterized by the intervention of both physical and digital sources and prints with geometric elevation, an Elegraph™ printmaking collaboration with alta enables an artist to create varied editions through an exciting, explorative process.



“I have no doubt in my mind that this new medium is going to be influential in the way that art is made in the future.”

Lori Goldberg - Artist, Vancouver



Supporting the arts

Supporting the Arts

Art21 is a nonprofit organization with a mission and values that resonate deeply with the faces behind alta. It is an honor for our team to support their work, that makes for a more creative world by working with artists to air their stories to audiences around the globe.

Alta is sponsor of Art21’s 2018 Extended Play series, which provides exclusive, unmediated insight into the lives of today’s leading artists.

Watch the first film of Art 21's 2018 Extended Play series: Part of the Discourse, Barbara Kruger.