alta for artists: Digitally evolving analog media

alta is a fine art print studio where artists conceive in analog, iterate in digital, and choose to release their works as Elegraph™-D artwork NFT editions, physical textured Elegraph™ print editions, or both simultaneously.

Artists who work with tangible techniques and media leverage alta’s art production team, advanced technology and unique processes to entwine traditional artistic practices with digital application.

Capturing the power of physical mediums, and remaining true to artistic intent, alta exists to reimagine analog art for the digital era. Possibilities are bound only by an artist’s imagination.


alta for museums and foundations

Celebrate artists and collections in the online era, by releasing digital editions of favorite works. alta’s creative process helps institutions discover new ways to connect with a global audience and extend the legacy of artistic icons into the digital era.

Utilizing Art Digital Master File (ADMF™) technology, alta’s creative team works directly with museums, foundations and artists to create unique digital content, which can be sold as Elegraph™-D artwork NFTs or Elegraph™ prints.


About alta™

Elegraph - Textired Fine Art Print

Just as the shift from analog to digital transformed the music industry, fine art is experiencing a similar digital revolution. alta exists to enable artists who create with traditional, analog media to explore the digital art world.

Artists collaborate with our master printmakers, who are mediators between digital and analog. Our technology captures the color and texture of analog sources with incredibly rich data files that are digitally blended and iterated.

What makes this process special is that alta’s edition works can be viewed, and sold, in a digital or analog format. They can be collected together or separately, as sophisticated digital art editions sold as Elegraph™-D artwork NFTs, or as carefully crafted, physical, textured Elegraph™ prints.

Elegraph - Textured Fine Art Print